Lightning protection college

Mastering the art of lightning protection

The Lightning Protection College provides a fully comprehensive online training modules.

LPC makes the information you need to succeed easily accessible – what you need is all in one location.

Whether you are new to the industry or looking to advance your career, LPC offers you resources that give you flexibility and thorough guidance.

Once the training program is complete, a fully trained individual will be certified by LPC in the following aspects:

  • Understand the basic requirements of the lightning protection codes of practice.
  • Interpret lightning protection design drawings.
  • Follow the correct installation procedures for all earthing and lightning protection components.
  • Follow the correct quality control measures required for an earthing and lightning protection installation.
  • Correctly test, inspect and certify the earthing and lightning protection installation.
  • The LPC lightning protection training program is in the strictest accordance with the latest codes of practice, follows the most up to date lightning protection methods and enables certified installers to competently carry out installations.

LPC's training program includes the preparation and training for various accreditation examinations.

Lightning Protection College
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LP College

LP College Courses:

  • Introduction to Lightning Protection
  • Basic Concepts of Lightning Protetion
  • Advanced Concepts of Lightning Protection


Module Program:

  • Module 1: Basic Principles
  • Module 2: Lightning Risk Assessments
  • Module 3: Air Termination Systems
  • Module 4: Down Conductor Systems
  • Module 4: Earth Termination Systems
  • Module 5: Lightning Equipotential Bonding
  • Module 6: Separation Distance Concept
  • Module 7: LPS Zoning Concept
  • Module 8: Surge Protection Systems (Power)
  • Module 9: Surge Protection Systems (Data)
  • Module 10: Testing & Certification
  • Module 10: Step & Touch Potentials


Advanced Modules:

  • Module 11: Lightning Risk Assessments - Advanced
  • Module 12: Final Striking Distance
  • Module 13: Surge Protection - Advanced
  • Module 14: Specialised Earth Termination Systems


Specialized Modules:

  • Module 15: Insurance Industry Part 1
  • Module 16: Insurance Industry Part 2
  • Module 17: Lightning Protection for Solar Systems
  • Module 18: Lightning Protection for Thatch Structures